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2022 Samuel H. Scripps/American Dance Festival Award

Presented to Shen Wei

Shen Wei, a dancer, choreographer, director, artist, designer, and filmmaker,

is a visionary leader.

With brilliant depth, exceptional technique, and mesmerizing beauty, Shen Wei has created his own artistic language. His works ingeniously blend influences from Eastern and Western cultures, unconstrained by the boundaries of cultural and artistic definitions. Whether on stage, canvas, film, or museum exhibition, his works brilliantly fuse sensory and intellectual precision, visual design, and bodily energy, defying classification. There is only one word to describe it: "Shen Wei."

Shen Wei is both a visual magician and a technological innovator. His unique dance technique is rooted in his training and experience in Eastern and Western performance, creating a new generation of dancers who express personal freedom. With an awareness and control of breath and the deep trust of his own body, Shen Wei's dance technique embodies the abstract objectivity of calligraphy and the motivating source of the dancer's inner body - a true reflection of personal thought.

Shen Wei is an artist with infinite imagination, always evolving and exploring. Through mastery of formal structure and a fusion of artistic vocabulary, he has presented a profound and unique human perspective to the world. His works illuminate the inner landscape of the soul and the hidden secrets of the spirit. When we are moved by his works, we are healed. From the subtlest human gestures to the most profound grand spectacle, he inspires insight and moves the heart. This is the art of the future, completely self-consistent and self-evident, incredibly soothing and surprising.

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